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Electrical Engineering

IEEE Student Branch Officer

Sr. Electrical Engineer    

     August '13-Present

  • First Electrical Engineer in the company
    • Built out electrical lab and photometric testing
    • On-boarded second Electrical Engineer
  • Manage electrical overseas manufacturering – China
    • Annual trips for vendor inspection and projection discussion
    • Qualification testing for all new and custom products
    • Correct design errors
  • Support all Mechanical Engineers, new product development, and technical support with electrical design decisions and field issues
  • Specify LEDs, drivers, and controls for new products
    • Designed spreadsheet to estimate light output and power for specific led chips.
    • Lead a driver consolidation project which significantly drove down the cost of drivers.
    • Create, populate, and program custom PCBs
  • Designed and built test fixtures to improve my operational efficiency and reduced sources of error
    • All new drivers get tested on my dimmer switching station
    • Created custom elevated ambient chamber for life testing
    • Designed a low-cost flicker meter to get by until the company committed to a professional grade unit.
  • Hold training sessions to build company knowledge base
    • Core lighting and electrical concepts
    • Common product specific issues
    • New technology briefings for new product development team

Project Engineer

      August '12-August '13

  • Responsible for entry, final design, and execution of typically 25+ projects worth ~$5 million via phone, e-mail, and occasional on-site support

  • Review, maintain, and create detailed documentation for each project in accordance with Met-Pro standards and customer specific specifications

  • Improved efficiency of Microsoft Excel based order management system to streamline workflow and minimize inaccuracies with the use of scripted automation

  • Used previous work experience to assist purchasing in sourcing and expediting project specific products during an ongoing transition in the purchasing department

  • Keep up to date with industry codes and standard relevant to the dust collection industry such as NFPA and OSHA requirements for a safe and healthy work environment

  • Work with customer specifications to choose a best fit product that meets all requirements, such NEMA and ATEX certifications, at the best financial value

Application Specialist

      May '11-Aug ‘12

  • Lead knife gate valve product representative for the Midwest which accounts

    for $3+ million net sales annually

  • Assist technical sales representatives in the maintaining and acquisition of

    customers by going beyond the expected level of service

  • Responsible for implementing  assembled packages through the use of

    stock and custom machined parts

  • Utilized electronic price books to decrease the time needed to quote stock

    products. Worked with management to train fellow associates the same time

    saving practice

  • Trained new employees on quoting and order entry incompliance with

    company policies

  • Assisted other associates in finding unique ways to expedite products to

    satisfy customer driven time constraints

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