16-Channel I2C Relay expander V1.0

A recent project required me to control 48 channels of line voltage.  I knew I needed some relays and more control lines so I went on a search for something affordable.  Numato Labs had a nice 16 channel unit that was within budget and I was able to mock up a working unit by using a MCP23017 from Adafruit   I wasn't happy with the mess of wires and wanted something cleaner. Using Kicad and OSH Park, I made a small form factor surface mount unit.  This reduced my supply wires and allowed me to daisy chain units for easier install. I wasn't sure if the card edge style connectors would work, but they came out nearly perfect.  After a light sanding with a flat file, they easily fit into the terminal blocks.  There are a few things I want to tweak for version two, but feel free to make modifications yourself.  The design files are on Github as well as some example code. 

16-Channel I2C Relay expander V1.0 Kicad Render Front
16-Channel I2C Relay expander V1.0 Kicad Render Back
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